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Press releases (SPICE and Solar Orbiter)

SPICE and Solar Orbiter first light images released, 16th July 2020



Follow SPICE during the cruise phase. 


    Goodbye Solar Orbiter! Press releases following Solar Orbiter successful tests and shipping to the USA


    Solar Orbiter testing is finished! Press releases following the testings throughout the months


    Previous news about SPICE

    • February 2020: Small SPICE consortium meeting planned on Thursday 6 2020 in the afternoon, ahead of the launch.
    • January 2020: SPICE is now on social media! Twitter: @spice_on_SolO and Instagram: @solarorbiter_spice. Follow us!
    • End of 2019: Solar Orbiter is undergoing unpacking operations at the Cape Canaveral, for a launch planned in the night of 5-6 February 2020.
    • 19-20 November 2019: The Consortium met at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (United Kingdom).
    • 1 November 2019: Solar Orbiter travelled on an Antonov cargo plane and safely arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it is getting ready for launch in February 2020.
    • 18 October 2019: A media event was organised at IABG near Munich, a last goodbye to the spacecraft before it is being sent to the USA for rocket integration. 
    • End of summer 2019: All the environmental testings of the spacecraft have been completed (Testing on ESA website)
    • 14-15 May 2019: The Consortium met at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen (Germany).
    • 21-23 January 2019: Members of the SPICE Consortium participated in the SOWG#13 at ESAC to discuss operations to be made during certain observation phases of the Solar Orbiter mission.
    • 13-14 November 2018: The Consortium team met in Davos at PMOD (Switzerland) for a Consortium meeting.
    • 19-20 April 2018: The Consortium team met at the Observatoire de Paris (France) for the 1st Operation meeting organised by IAS
    • 15-16 November 2017: The Consortium team met at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK) to discuss the instrument delivery and operations in preparation of the launch of Solar Orbiter
    • October 2017: SPICE has a logo!
    • Summer 2017: SPICE has been delivered to Airbus and integrated on the spacecraft platform.
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