Scientific results and papers

Links to published papers, presentations made in workshops/conferences, as well as science nuggets can be found here.

1. Papers

Check the papers in the SPICE ADS library.




2. Presentations

Solar Orbiter 8, Belfast, 2022-09-12P4D

From the Solar Orbiter 8 programme, SPICE presentations (work on SPICE data mentioned in the abstract):

  • O10: Natalia Zambrana Prado – Measuring changes in the elemental composition of the solar corona with SPICE
  • O11: Donald M. Hassler – Composition Studies to Link the Sun & Heliosphere with SPICE on Solar Orbiter
  • O13: Tania Varesano – Analysis of SPICE Connection Mosaics from 2-3 March 2022 - Mapping Surface Composition to Link the Sun & Heliosphere
  • O24: Z. Huang – EUI and SPICE observations of campfires
  • O50: Miho Janvier – Solar Orbiter and the solar/heliospheric fleet coordinated observations of a filament eruption: a test bed for a global eruptive flare model
  • P2: Gabriel Pelouze – Full-Sun observation of chromospheric and coronal lines by SPICE
  • P36: Nikolina Milanovic – Thermal structuring and evolution of coronal bright points
  • P64: Alessandra Giunta – Measuring relative abundances in active regions with Solar Orbiter/SPICE
  • P117: Miho Janvier – The 3D standard model of eruptive solar ares put to test during the Solar Orbiter rst active region observation campaign
  • P125: Jenny Marcela Rodriguez Gomez – Plasma Properties of Quiet Sun Small-Scale Solar Dynamic Features in the Transition Region and Upper Chromosphere
  • P140: Luca Teriaca – Calibrating the VUV instruments of Solar Orbiter with stars: first results from the EUI and SPICE observations
  • P143: Joseph Plowman – Correction of SPICE Doppler Artifacts
  • P144: Joseph Plowman – Application of the CROBAR 3D Coronal Reconstruction Method to SPICE Data
  • P145: Joseph Plowman – A new method for simultaneous determination of SPICE abundances and DEMs

SPICE only mentioned in the abstract as perspective:

  • P39: Yamini K. Rao – Path Length Estimations in the Transition Region using IRIS observations
  • P65: Therese A. Kucera – Modeling of condensations in active region loops produced by nano ares


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