Outreach Activities from SPICE members

This is a list of upcoming and past outreach activities from the SPICE consortium members

February 2020:  Kennedy Space Center outreach before launch(SPICE team)


December 2019: Visit to the children hospital Necker, Paris, to talk about Solar Orbiter and SPICE (M. Janvier)

November 2019: Mercury Transit, Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter public conference (F. Auchère)

November 2019: CNES (French National Space Agency) "Young Research Days", Solar Orbiter in AR/VR (M. Janvier)

October 2019: "Fête de la science 2019" (French National Science Festival), Solar Orbiter in AR/VR, Spectroscopy for children (E. Buchlin, N. Zambrana-Prado, M. Janvier)

September 2019: Presentation on Solar Orbiter at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 80th anniversary (F. Auchère)

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